Designing my life

-the art of only to seeing the good things


Sharp as ever

The fact that my birth certificate gets older every day puts many thoughts into my head. What is the meaning with everything?

Considering the world does not provide many answers. It just bring even more questions.

Therefore, I have decided - halfway through life - that the meaning of my life shall be to be present here and now - together with my favorit people, and give everything I can to ensure, that we all can have a safe, exciting and colorful life together.


Welcome to my world.

Art, art crafts and music have always made me happy and have a big place in my life and in my heart. Over the years I have taken many pictures and produced many paintings - so many that I sell them.

Another of my big passions is antiques, funny stuff and retro furnitures. I collect, but to make space in the house, I also sometimes sell out of my collections.


Chrestine Nordberg